May 3-6, 2020

Enhance your PD training with in-depth
Pre- and Post-Institute Symposiums

Take a closer look at the major issues you face as a special educator and learn the best strategies to handle each situation while avoiding compliance missteps. In these extended-length Symposiums, nationally recognized experts will dig deep into your biggest concerns, bringing you the case law, research and tools to make a positive impact on your students, your special education programs and your community.
Pre-Institute Symposiums | Sunday, May 3
Pre 1
The Tension Between Special Education and School Safety Laws: What Administrators Need to Know

Now more than ever, school administrators need to be cognizant of relevant legal requirements for educating students with disabilities that intersect and often conflict with mental health and school safety requirements. School attorney Julie J. Weatherly will look at the removal of students with disabilities from their current educational placements when they are deemed to be a threat or safety risk within the school environment, among other difficult legal issues.
Julie J. Weatherly, Esq., Resolutions in Special Education, Inc., Mobile, Ala.
Pre 2
IEPs From Start to Finish: Putting Legal Requirements Into Practice
Special education administrator and former school psychologist Derek Ihori will walk you through every aspect of the assessment process and the IEP document, focusing on common mistakes that IEP teams make and providing specific "do this, not that" examples for addressing everything from evaluations to annual goals.
Derek Ihori, Executive Director, Special Education and Psychological Services,
La Cañada Unified School District, Calif.
Pre 3
Preventing Under- and Over-Identification of Section 504 Students

Through case scenarios and hypotheticals, attorney Rebecca Bailey and special education director Lorin Furlow will divulge vital guidance to help your district make sound decisions regarding Section 504 eligibility. Not only will you leave knowing how to conduct a legally defensible Section 504 evaluation, but you'll have a notebook full of practical examples of district-level processes and tools — all immediately implementable resources!
Rebecca S. Bailey, Esq., Thompson & Horton LLC, Houston, Texas
Lorin Furlow, Director of Special Services, Brazosport Independent School District, Lake Jackson, Texas
Pre 4
Avoiding Abusive Disciplinary Practices in Schools

Challenging student behaviors interfere with students’ learning, disrupt the instructional environment, and pose threats to the safety and well-being of students and educators alike. Behavior expert Dr. Joe Ryan will equip educators and administrators to identify both effective and ineffective behavioral interventions, identify target behaviors and the antecedents and consequences that influence these behaviors, and use effective methods to safely manage aggressive students.
Joseph Ryan, Ph.D., Stanzione Distinguished Professor, Clemson University College of Education, S.C.
Pre 5
Having Your Ducks in a Row BEFORE a Due Process Challenge

Due process hearings are a costly means of resolving disputes over a child’s special education services — attorney's fees, document collection, time away from school, and teacher turnover are all potential consequences. School attorneys Rachel Hitch and Rachel Nicholas will provide a comprehensive review of procedural missteps and common claims that often lead to due process actions — as well as how to prevent due process from happening in the first place. Plus, you’ll leave with practical pointers to survive due process when all else fails.
Rachel Hitch, Esq., Schwartz and Shaw, PLLC, Raleigh, N.C.
Rachel Nicholas, Esq., Schwartz and Shaw, PLLC, Raleigh, N.C.
Pre 6
Special Educator’s Administrator's Lifeline — A Focus on Compliance and Litigation Management for Systemic Change
The demands and responsibilities of a special education administrator seem overwhelming. But there is a path to success! With a focus on current challenges and case law in special education, Mary Schillinger will give you tips, forms, procedures, proven strategies and more that will be invaluable in your role as a special education leader. Whether it is your first or 21st year as a special education administrator, you will walk away better prepared to take on today's challenges.
Mary Schillinger, Former Deputy Superintendent, Las Virgenes Unified School District; Consultant, Collaboration for Success, Simi Valley, Calif.
Post-Institute Symposiums | Wednesday, May 6
Post 1
Impact of Private BCBAs on the Provision of Behavior Services in Schools: Tips for IEP Teams
More and more private BCBAs are advocating for parents and students at IEP meetings. Dr. Laura Forkum will discuss the similarities and differences between the provision of behavior services in public and private school settings, plus provide practical tips that IEP teams can use for collaborating with private BCBAs. Then, attorney Deanna Arivett will share tools and resources for developing defensible FBAs and behavior supports that satisfy the Endrew F. standard of FAPE.
Deanna L. Arivett, Esq., Arivett Law PLLC, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Dr. Laura Forkum, Doctoral Level Board Certified Behavior Analyst; Executive Director, Autism & Behavior Services, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Post 2
Emotional Disturbance: Legally Compliant Intervention, Assessment, and Identification Practices for Multidisciplinary Teams

Schools aim to provide safe, legally compliant and effective learning environments for students, but often good intentions still result in disproportionate practices and biases, particularly when it comes to students with disabilities. School psychologist Jessica Dirsmith and school attorney Rebecca Heaton Hall will explain how to achieve a high level of collaboration across multidisciplinary teams in your district when serving students in need of the highest level of school-based interventions.
Rebecca Heaton Hall, Esq., Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Jessica Dirsmith, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Pennsylvania State University and State College Area School District

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