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LRP Institute April 19 - 21, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT


Take a closer look at the major issues you face as a special educator and learn the best strategies to handle each situation while avoiding compliance missteps. In these extended-length Symposiums, nationally recognized experts will explore your biggest concerns, bringing you the case law, research and tools to make a positive impact on your students, your special education programs and your community.


Pre-Institute Symposiums

Pre 1A
Friday, April 9 | 2 - 5 p.m. ET
Now That the Dust Has Settled: The Lessons of the Initial COVID-Related IDEA Litigation

You survived the school closure due to COVID-19 and the return to school for SY 2020-21, now comes the litigation. Attorney Jose Martín will examine the initial spate of litigation following school closures, extract the lessons for public schools, and translate them into proactive approaches to deal with follow-up viral outbreaks, campus closures, and related disruptions.

Jose Martin
Jose Martín, Attorney, Richards Lindsay & Martín, LLP, Austin, Texas

Pre 3
Monday, April 12 | 2 - 5 p.m. ET
Before, During, and After a Global Health Crisis: Preventing Under and Over-Identification of Section 504 Students

Through case scenarios and hypotheticals, attorney Rebecca Bailey and special education director Lorin Furlow will divulge vital guidance to help your district make sound decisions regarding Section 504. They'll disclose common pitfalls, poor practices, considerations for health issues during the time of COVID-19, and what to avoid in the evaluation and identification of students under Section 504.

Rebecca S. Bailey, Esq.
Rebecca S. Bailey, Attorney, Thompson & Horton LLC, Houston, Texas
Lorin Furlow
Lorin Furlow, Director of Special Services, Brazosport Independent School District, Lake Jackson, Texas

Pre 1B
Wednesday, April 14 | 2 - 5 p.m. ET
Lessons in Leadership: Everything You Need to Successfully Maneuver Through the Challenges of Your New Role in a Post-COVID-19 Environment

Current administrator and consultant Larry Brunson will provide special education administrators the tools necessary to navigate their unique role as leaders in a post-COVID-19 learning environment. Participants will learn how to develop professional development plans for staff that fit the three most prevalent learning models: distance, in-person, and hybrid instruction. Attendees also will learn how to develop structures to respond to employee performance issues in a post-pandemic world and address accountability and sustainability for special education staff.

Larry Brunson
Larry Brunson, Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Brunson Educational Consulting Group, LLC, Corona, Calif.

Pre 2A
Thursday, April 15 | 2 - 5 p.m. ET
IEP Tricks of the Trade: Meeting Legal Requirements With Real-World Practices

Special education administrator and former school psychologist Dr. Derek Ihori will walk you through every aspect of the IEP process — from the importance of starting with a solid assessment to developing and measuring data-based goals, to the art of taking IEP meeting notes, and more. You'll learn common missteps IEP teams make and get practical tips on how to avoid them.

Derek Ihori
Derek Ihori, Executive Director, Special Education and Psychological Services, La Cañada Unified School District, La Cañada, Calif.

Pre 4
Friday, April 16 | 2 - 5 p.m. ET
Leveraging Parent Counseling and Training

William Zee and Laura Sharp will translate the theory of parental participation into a practical component of every child's IEP by demonstrating how and why a trauma-informed and comprehensive education plan requires parent involvement. Attendees will learn how to incorporate parent training and counseling into students' plans and will recognize the ways in which parental participation can facilitate as well as create barriers to student learning.

William Zee
William Zee, Attorney, Appel, Yost & Zee, LLP, Lancaster, Pa.
Laura Sharp
Laura Sharp, Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services, Lincoln Intermediate
Unit #12, York, PA

Post-Institute Symposiums

Post 1
Thursday, April 22 | 2 - 5 p.m. ET
Impact of Private BCBAs on the Provision of Behavior Services for School Districts: Whether In School or Providing Online Instruction

Private BCBAs increasingly are advocating for parents and students at IEP meetings. Using her experience in the private- and public-school sectors, Dr. Laura Forkum will discuss the similarities and differences between the provision of behavior services in these settings, plus provide practical tips that IEP teams can use for collaborating with private BCBAs.

Combining her experience as a school psychologist and litigator, Deanna Arivett will share sample tools and resources for developing defensible FBAs and behavior supports that satisfy the Endrew F. standard of FAPE.

Deanna L. Arivett, Esq.
Deanna L. Arivett, Attorney, Arivett Law PLLC, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Dr. Laura Forkum
Dr. Laura Forkum, Doctoral Level Board Certified Behavior Analyst; Executive Director, Autism & Behavior Services, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Post 2
Friday, April 23 | 2 - 5 p.m. ET
Emotional Disturbance During a Global Pandemic: Legally Aligned Intervention, Assessment, and Identification Practices

With a focus on the multifaceted nature of disparate practices and the impact of school closures, school psychologist Jessica Dirsmith and school attorney Rebecca Heaton Hall will discuss legally compliant and best practices in prevention, intervention, and assessment of students with ED. Participants will take away a clear method to align evaluations to assess all ED characteristics and criteria.

Rebecca Heaton Hall, Esq.
Rebecca Heaton Hall, Esq., Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Jessica Dirsmith
Dr. Jessica Dirsmith, Clinical Assistant Professor, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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