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Getting approval to attend the Institute is easy!

While the choice to attend LRP’s National Institute may seem like an easy one to you, we understand the ultimate decision may not be entirely in your hands. To help make your case for your attendance, we’ve created a Justification Letter to give your boss. Simply customize the letter to suit your current challenges or professional development needs and send it to your principal, director or administrator to get your approval!


Some things to remember to help get approval …

  • Stress the impact. Attending the Institute will not only benefit you as a special educator but will also benefit your students, your colleagues and your district! Make sure to mention the tools and resources you will take home from this PD event.
  • Highlight the flexibility. You and your team can design your own program and learning experience that meets your needs based on the issues and challenges your school faces. With repeated sessions, you won’t miss any of the learning opportunities that you need.
  • Point out the savings. You can get the highest-quality professional development available and save money for your school or district. Register by May 2 to claim $50.00 Standard Savings. Mention that bringing a team can save you even more … the bigger your team, the more you save!
  • Emphasize the quality. Our speakers are leaders in the field of special education and have the experience and knowledge to provide you with top-notch training. You’ll hear from leading attorneys, behavior experts, special ed practitioners and ed tech leaders who are eager to share their insights, predictions and proven strategies.

Already have approval?


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